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The Magical Custom Candle is a candle filled with your request of intentions wether it is a intention for self love or to bring in some major shifts in an area (or many areas) of your life.

Your candle will be charged with your specific intention but they work best when you have infused your own power, intentions and desires into them as well. You can do this by writing out your intentions, holding your candle while reading it, feeling your emotion and power and then placing it under your candle while it burns until it is completely out. Once the candle is finished, burn your intention and release it to the Universe.

Please write out your petition for this candle, below, so that I know what energy/intention to infuse into your candle.

Please allow 4 days of prep so that I can fully give your candle the intention and attention it needs to be as powerful as it needs to be to help you bring in your desires. Each candle is made to order with your specific intention and will be topped with herbs, flowers and crystals.

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